Team Sports Psychology Program

Fall 2014 TUSC announces the return of Dr. Tiffany Breeding as TUSC sports psychologist

TN United is pleased to announce the return of Dr. Tiffany Breeding as the club’s sports psychologist. Click to read Dr. Breeding’s bio

Teambuilding seminar

….for each age group and gender, U13 and older. Coach Poklad emphasized the importance of developing a team and club culture noting, “This is particularly difficult to achieve when we see the players so infrequently. This is not like high school or middle school where the players are around each other every day. In school, they train and play more regularly and a unified organizational culture is already in place and constant. With this one extra mandatory session,  we hope to be able to establish and strengthen some of the social bonds and cohesiveness that make a team successful.”

Field Status

Drakes Creek Park (DCP)
Phone: 615-205-1255, Press 14 | Front Fields

Phone: 615-205-1255, Press 15 | Back Fields

Moss-Wright Park (MWP)
Phone: 615-745-1016, Press 1 | Click Here
Volunteer Park @ Arrowhead (VPA)
Phone: 615-205-1255, Press 18 | Click Here
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