Individual and Small Group Sessions

TUSC coaches provide private individual and small group training when requested.

Many parents looking to get an edge for their children appreciate the opportunity to provide their children additional training in a environment with curriculum designed for players working with a smaller player:coach ratio so a player can get some more personal tuition and tailored guidance on areas for improvement or specialized training such as goalkeeping.

Some players pool resources and want to train in small groups with teammates of similar abilities or areas for improvement in their game. The work to rest ratio in this environment allows players to train for longer periods of time.

Topics or skills development that work well in an individual or small group training session include, goalkeeping, shooting and finishing, and “moves to beat a player”.

TN United understands that there are many coaches who offer this service to players. We recommend you ask the right questions before you commit your resources. TN United can provide you with those questions, information regarding the cost, effectiveness and “game relatable” nature of this type of training and most importantly, a list of qualified, appropriately licensed and reputable coaches who can provide your player with this type of training.

Please contact the DOC or Technical Director for more information.

Field Status

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