TN United Soccer Club has a reputation for producing goalkeepers that have gone on to represent their high schools, ODP and Regional ODP teams as well as becoming goalkeepers at the college level.

The focus is on the correct application of technique and tactical decision making which is emphasized in the training program headed by former Canadian youth national team Goalkeeper and NCAA D1 college goalkeeper JD Murphy.

Players are divided into age appropriate groups to work on the position specific skills of this unique functional role. Our team coaches are also instructed to incorporate the goalkeeper in their team training sessions.

We understand that goalkeepers do five things during a game, stop shots, catch crosses, distribute, 1 vs 1’s and coach the players in front of them. With that in mind we develop a series of progressive training sessions to work on;

– Hand Positions and Grips
– Ball Distribution
– Catching and Collecting Various Serves
– Basic Diving I (Near-in, collapsed dives)
– Basic Diving II (Power/Extension, Angled Dives and Mid-Range Dives)
– Positioning, Pressure Situations (Pass Backs and 1v1 Opportunities)
– Footwork and Angles

– Working with the Defenders
– Communication
– Covering for the Keeper
– Back Passes
– Shot Blocking
– Defending the Space Behind
– Developing Counter Attacks
– Set Plays
– Judgement/Positioning in Game Situations


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Drakes Creek Park (DCP)
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Volunteer Park @ Arrowhead (VPA)
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