Each season we have a tournament and you can sell ads to go into the tournament website.  The ads run from $75 to $300.  Once you sell an ad your player receives 75% towards their fee and 25% goes to the club.  This is a great way to pay for your fees.  Your manager will give you the information on selling online ads or your can go to and look under forms and see the ad information there.  However, get with your manager to make sure you have the correct information and that you are turning in the correct formats for the ads.


You can solicit money from companies to help cover costs of uniforms, travel expenses, tents, benches, etc.  Before putting any companies’ logo on any TUSC product (jerseys, shorts, practice t-shirts, bags, etc.) this must be approved by the club’s board.  The team manager must present this at a monthly board meeting, the board will have to vote and then the team manager will inform whether this has been approved.  As a thank you to the company for their sponsorship it would be nice to present them with a team picture and a thank you letter.


Each year we host one, two or all three of the state tournaments.  Some of these tournaments can be worked and you will be paid for the time slots that you work,

NOTE: these are limited slots and they are usually filled by names drawn from a pool of names collected.  You are not guaranteed a slot.  The payout of each time slot varies depending on the amount raised by the club.  They payouts can range from $75 to $90 per slot worked.  If you are interested in working one of these tournaments, to be eligible you must have worked the TUSC tournament for your team, tell your manager and they will submit your name to the director and then your manager will let you know if your name was drawn from those submitted for a work slot.

One of the state tournaments we host will be worked as a volunteer to help support our scholarship program for players who can not financially afford the team fees.  It is greatly appreciate if you will volunteer to work at least 1 time slot at this tournament.


Each team can choose to do various other ways to raise money.  As in cookie dough sales, car washes, bake sales, garage sales, sign up for Kroger Community Rewards at Kroger, etc.  This is something that is discussed per team to determine what else the team wants to do to raise money.  Note: you will not be able to hold any of these sales on park property without getting permission before hand.

Field Status

Drakes Creek Park (DCP)
Phone: 615-205-1255, Press 14 | Front Fields

Phone: 615-205-1255, Press 15 | Back Fields

Moss-Wright Park (MWP)
Phone: 615-745-1016, Press 1 | Click Here
Volunteer Park @ Arrowhead (VPA)
Phone: 615-205-1255, Press 18 | Click Here
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