2014 TUSC Big Chill Indoor Classic



2014 TUSC Big Chill Indoor Classic

A message of thanks:

On behalf of everyone involved with Tennessee United Soccer Club, we want to extend a big "Thank You!" for participating in the TUSC Big Chill Indoor Classic at Pope John Paul II High School. It was a fast-paced, energetic weekend. In the Big Gym, the older kids put on a fantastic display of speed and footskills. But, the Small Gym is where the excitement reached a fever-pitch...and the noise level did too! All the local indoor events benefit youth soccer in one way or another. Proceeds from our tournament go directly into the TUSC Scholarship Fund. Our wish is to help players, who want to play at a higher level, achieve those goals. This fund helps families all around our community with the costs associated with competitive soccer. Your support is greatly appreciated. Learn more at Scholarship Information 

We hope to see you next year!

TUSC Indoor Committee

February 7-9, 2014

Pope John Paul II High School - 117 Caldwell Drive Hendersonville, TN 37075

Cost $130.00

Format: Boys and Girls u8-u18  All ages will play 4v4 (3 field players + keeper)

On February 7-9, 2014, Tennessee United Soccer Club will host the TUSC Big Chill Indoor Classic. Games will be played on the beautiful campus of Pope John Paul II High School in Hendersonville. Proceeds from the tournament will again go directly into the TUSC scholarship fund. Last year's event raised $5,500.

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2014 TUSC Big Chill Indoor Classic Schedule

TUSC Big Chill Indoor Classic Entry Form

Medical Release Form

Roster Form

Sumner County Indoor Rules will apply with two exceptions: a) play will be 4v4, and b) max of 8 players on roster

Local dining and shopping map

Pope John Paul II High School

Contact: TUSCindoortournament@gmail.com

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TUSC philosophy on indoor soccer

"My position is this: street soccer is the most natural educational system that can be found." Rinus Michels – Dutch National team coach

Fascinating rules emerge in the streets and parks and sandlots and alleyways when children are left to their own devises in sport. So much of youth soccer today is overly organized and structured, and can be damaging to long-term growth and development. At the very least, the current structures do very little to address the children’s love for “play” on their own terms. Too much organization limits a child's ability to "figure it out on their own" and "fun".  We want to encourage free play and experimentation for young players. 

The environment that most closely mirrors this street soccer game experience for us at TUSC is the indoor winter tournament. Therefore we will try to encapsulate some of the lessons and experiences of “street soccer” into that arena by following these guidelines;

  • There should be MINIMAL COACHING from coaches or parent coaches during games, (we would prefer there be none).
  • Coaches watching their team in the stands will ACTIVELY DISCOURAGE “coaching” from their parents and explain why their behavior is inappropriate (educational motives).
  • Coaches will facilitate the division and acquisition of players into a team for the tournament ONLY
  • Ideally Coaches should neither; choose the starting team, assign player positions (including the goalkeeper) assign a formation, or impart a tactical strategy for the game.
  • Players will be actively encouraged to manage their own substitutions.
  • Coaches will instruct their players and parents of these guidelines before a tournament and be prepared to facilitate resolution of problems AFTER each game (if they are present).